Office & Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

The people of Delhi and its adjacent commercial areas (Noida, Ghaziabad & Gurugram) have been finding it difficult to get professional office carpet cleaning company, but that's now in the past. Ultraclean now has a system that makes the process simple, faster, and affordable.
We have office and commercial carpet cleaning services that will remove all bacteria, stains, allergens, and odors from all types of carpets & rugs. We render services that will renew your office floors, leaving them softer, cleaner, and healthier.

Also, we've made a booking for your carpet cleaning very simple. Just contact us and give us a date and time that works for you, plus the location of your office. We will dispatch our team to inspect your carpet and give you an instant quote. If you want to proceed, pay and secure your slot.

After we have the details about your carpet or rug, our professional carpet cleaners decide on the most suitable cleaning method and bring all the equipment. Depending on the material and condition of your carpet/rug, they will use either hot water extraction or other office carpet cleaning methods as applicable.

Ultraclean also provides booking for office carpet cleaning services as a part of a deep, end-of-tenancy, or after-builders clean.

We offer the best services for office carpet cleaning in Delhi with a 4.7* rating. We’ve completed over 1 lakh cleans, including an equal number of professional carpet cleans.

Why hire professionals for office Carpet cleaning?

Your office carpets require professional cleaning every six to 12 months, and here are some of the reasons why:

Time-saving: With an already busy day schedule, you save a great amount of time when you hire a local, trusted professional carpet cleaner rather than doing it yourself.

Easy and simple: Hiring office carpet cleaning services from Ultraclean is incredibly easy for you as it saves you the burden of renting machines for carpet cleaning, moving all the furniture, cleaning the carpets, and returning the pieces of equipment to the store you rented them from. These machines are usually heavy and difficult to handle. 

Health reasons: A professional cleaner like Ultraclean will get deeper and remove all specks of dirt from all the hidden spots you probably wouldn't when doing it yourself. These hidden spots breed molds and fungi that pose health hazards to you.

Improved comfort: Professional Ultraclean office carpet cleaning services will leave your office with that new freshness and feel. Your clients will feel better walking on them barefoot. It will be up to you to retain the freshness and feel alive by taking care of regular vacuuming.


Why Ultraclean for commercial carpet cleaning?

  • We don't just provide quality office carpet cleaning services; we provide ultraclean quality clean services. 
  • We have set a new standard with our thorough and thoughtful services.
  • No calendar mix-ups. No stress- and no messes. 
  • Avail an easy experience with highly responsive customer support, and an experienced vetted team for office carpet cleaning in Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad & Gurgaon.


Ultraclean V/S Other Office Carpet Cleaners

There are a lot of benefits you will enjoy when you hire Ultraclean office carpet cleaners than our competitors. Here are the most important benefits you should expect:

Stubborn stains: The major reason Ultraclean is regarded as offering the best office carpet cleaning services near me is our ability to remove stains that other carpet cleaners cannot, or will not. Stains that another carpet cleaner told you cannot be removed, chances are we can remove them. We can remove the so-called permanent stains left by coffee spills, pets, and much more.

High-power cleaning jet: We use high-power jet cleaning action that is superior to the ordinary standard cleaning system that most carpet cleaning companies use. With Ultraclean, you get full services for deep cleaning of your carpets that will improve the health of your office environment.

Better equipment: As a reputable office carpet cleaner, Ultraclean invests heavily on top-quality carpet cleaning equipment that other competitors cannot compare with. As professionals, we will only use the right equipment for your carpet depending on the carpet fibers.

Better process: The majority of office carpet cleaners use tap water to clean your carpet. Using tap water only exchanges dirt and grime for dirt and grime, as most tap water contains sediments. Ultraclean uses a purified de-ionized hot water extraction process that besides removing the stains, ensures your carpet does not shrink.


Processes of Commercial Carpet Cleaning 

Pre-conditioning: It is important to use a high-quality pre-conditioning agent. This is a wet solution usually applied to the carpet to break down water tension and soften soils, plus oil-based and water-based soils. The carpet soils are then extracted by the flushing action of hot steam extraction.

Agitation: After applying the pre-conditioning solution, agitation is a must for effective cleaning. Many cleaners skip this step because it takes time and extra staff. However, the pre-conditioning solution must be agitated into the pile to get the desired result. It's only agitation that can effectively reverse traffic soils and discoloration.

Steam Extraction: Steam is then injected into the pile which is momentarily extracted with vacuums. This removes particles of soil, clouds of dust, oils, grease, and organic groups; such as food, drinks, and sugars. Textile aid is added to the steam to help remove the chemical and pre-spray remains to ensure that carpets are at the required PH level keeping stain resistance qualities after the clean.

Finally, we expedite the whole process to ensure that your business has a clean environment within the shortest time possible. So for the best office carpet cleaning in Delhi, office carpet cleaning in Noida, office carpet cleaning in Gurgaon or office carpet cleaning services near me, contact Ultraclean today.


Office Carpet Cleaning Services in Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad & Gurgaon – Price List

Type Of Work Price
Area-250 to 500 sq/ft ₹12/- per sq/ft
Area-500 to 1000 sq/ft ₹9/- per sq/ft
Area-1000 to 2000 sq/ft ₹7/- per sq/ft
Area-2000 to 5000 sq/ft Price on Call



Question: What is the price for Commercial Carpet cleaning?
Answer: Office carpet cleaning prices will vary largely depending on the size of the office carpet area to be cleaned. A professional office carpet cleaning company charges start from Rs.12 per sq/ft and above depending on the technique used.

Question: How often should I clean our home carpet?
Answer: There are several factors to consider, such as how often there is traffic to the room, is someone in the family allergic to specks of dust, and whether there is a pet that sheds. Carpet manufacturers usually recommend a period of six months to 1 year.

Question: Where do you provide service?
Answer: We provide services in Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, and Gurgaon. For all commercial carpet cleaning services near me, give us a call and avail of our professional office carpet cleaning services using the latest equipment and techniques.

Question: How safe are your cleaning chemicals?
Answer: Clean carpets are essential for our health because no one wants to put up with irritating chemicals and toxic fumes. So, by booking Ultraclen for office carpet cleaning, you are ensuring the continued health of your family and the overal look and feel of your office. Our chemicals are 100% safe.

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