Carpet Cleaning Services In Delhi - Price 750*

However clean and dust-free your furniture may be a dirty carpet will make your entire room look less attractive. Even worse, stains and dirt lying deep in your carpet sometimes can be annoying as they cause the most unwanted smells. At Ultraclean Carpet Cleaning home service, our priority is to ensure your carpet cleaning is done by professionals who remove all dirt buried deep inside the carpet fiber. 

We know the dangers that result from the nasty bacteria, fungi, and germs that lurk in the fibers of your carpet, and that is the reason our carpet cleaning team does not leave anything untouched to remove all specks of dirt deep down your carpet.

Ultraclean has a professional carpet cleaning service solution that is designed to not only eliminate every contaminant from carpets but also sanitize them to ensure they are as clean as new. This also results in a healthy home environment for the entire family.  In addition, We have types of equipment that provide the best carpet cleaning services in Delhi to do away with all your carpet problems. Our policy is that if we can't make it as clean as you want, then nobody else in the industry will.

The Need for Professional Carpet Cleaning

Utilize the services of Ultraclean professional carpet cleaners and have your home carpets looking for every occasion. There are reasons to have your carpets regularly cleaned by professionals even though they may look presentable to you. 

Here are some of the reasons: 

Children’s plays - Children always make messes on carpets, and stuns such as mud, food, paints, and crayons leave dirt in the carpets. Children also cause wear and tear on our carpets and to get these cleaned, you need a professional carpet cleaning company to fix the messes.

Pets in the house - Pets with their fur, muddy paw prints, poos, and their other cunny surprises, create the need for regular professional cleaning of your carpets

Stubborn stains - It is time for professional carpet cleaning whenever you notice tough stains that cannot easily be removed. Ultraclean has specialized equipment and detergents that can remove all stubborn stains from your carpet.


Carpet Cleaning Services Near Me -  

By choosing Ultraclean, you're not looking for a basic carpet cleaning service in Delhi Noida, Ghaziabad & Gurgaon, you are looking for a carpet cleaning service that you trust. Ultraclean has a healthy process that removes all the stubborn dirt down grime in your carpet, a process that gives you peace of mind and leaves your carpet truly clean, refreshed, and thus, a healthy happy family. That is why the people of Delhi rate Ultraclean as one of the best carpet cleaning companies near me.


DIY V/S Professional Carpet Cleaning

We strive to help you make the right choice for your carpet cleaning. A beautiful comfortable home with clean, odorless, and stainless carpets is our goal. 

Pros of professional cleaning:
•    Professional cleaners will ensure your carpets are cleaned to a high standard
•    You don't have to get your hands dirty.
•    They come with all the tools and cleaning products to do the job.
•    Experienced carpet cleaners are faster than you would be.
•    A professional carpet cleaner will clean your carpet with care and dedication knowing which specific carpet type it is. 

Dangers of DIY Carpet Cleaning
•    A pet's urine smell will still be around no matter how many times you clean. 
•    It's nearly impossible to get soap and chemicals out. …
•    You have to buy the tools and chemicals for cleaning. Store-bought products are expensive
•    Rugs you use to dry your carpet are ineffective at thoroughly drying the carpet well.
•    Most rental carpet cleaners are extremely harsh and can lead to wear and tear on your carpet


Our Cleaning Process

Ultraclean uses a safer carpet cleaning process that's healthier for your family. We use the three steps for carpet cleaning, but it may vary slightly depending on the individual needs of each carpet.

Pre-assessment - We assess, and analyze your carpet first to learn and understand its cleaning requirements. 

Vacuuming the carpet - Your carpet is thoroughly vacuumed to rid it of specks of dirt and dust on the upper layer. This allows our detergents to penetrate deeper into the carpet and clean it with far more efficiency.

Quick Wash & Deodorizing - The quick wash plays the role of removing specks of dust and dirt from your carpet. This provides the perfect base for steam cleaning your carpet. We then add a fresh scent that gives a clean feel to your home.

Why choose Ultraclean?

There are several reasons to have your carpet cleaned by Ultraclean professional carpet cleaning services in the Delhi area. 
Same Day Service - On the same day, you will get back to having your life in a cleaner, healthier home. Our carpet cleaning process not only leaves your carpet cleaner but reduces the dry time to a few hours instead of a couple of days.

100% Guaranteed Services - Having your carpet cleaned professionally by Ultraclean is the best way to guarantee that your carpet will appear spotless clean, hygienic, and capable of withstanding years of wear and tear. 

Trained Team - We have highly trained staff that handles the latest carpet cleaning equipment with proficiency and speed. We keep training our staff to add value to our esteemed services.

Specialized Machine - We are capable of same-day deliveries because we use specialized machines that offer maximum efficiency.

Cost-effective - If you are interested in hiring professional carpet cleaning services and is worried bout professional carpet cleaning cost, Contact us now, we are cost-effective in our prices. We do not levy extra charges on our customers. Our carpet cleaning home services may vary depending on the condition in which the carpet is.

Everywhere in Delhi NCR  - We are available all over Delhi and its adjacent cities. If you are looking for professional carpet cleaning in Noida, Gurgaon, or Ghaziabad, please contact our expert team for the perfect cleaning solutions you seek.

10k Plus Happy Customers - We take pride in the 10k plus customers that have enjoyed our services over the years. Our stream of daily customers is a testimony that our services are satisfactory. So, if you are looking for a professional carpet cleaner near me, look no further than Ultraclean professional carpet cleaners in any part of Delhi and the NCR area.

10 Years ' Experience - With more than 10 years of experience, we have helped many families with professional carpet cleaning home service in the comfort of their homes. This enables them to extend their carpets' life and ensure they look fresh and beautiful.


Professional Carpet Cleaning Services – Price List

Type Of Work Price
House Carpet  
Small CarpetArea-15 to 70 sq/ft ₹750*
Middle CarpetArea-70 to 150 sq/ft ₹1099*
Large CarpetArea-150 to 250 sq/ft ₹1299*



Question: What is the price for carpet cleaning?
Answer: We are pocket-friendly. Our carpet cleaning service prices may vary depending on the work requirement for your carpet to be thoroughly cleaned. If you plan to have your carpet cleaned at a professional carpet cleaning cost, our charges per carpet start from Rs. 690 onwards.

Question: How often should I clean our home carpet?
Answer: To maintain clean and fresh carpets, you need to contact us every 3 to 6 months. This ensures your carpets remain dirt and dust-free throughout the year to our delight.

Question: Where do you provide services?
Answer: Our services are centered on the Delhi area and its adjoining cities NCR.                   

Question: How much time do carpets dry after cleaning?
Answer: Depending on the size and condition of your carpet, It usually takes our staff about 1-4 hours to complete all the processes of quick drying and odorless cleaning

Question: How safe are your cleaning chemicals?
Answer: If you are considering having your carpet cleaned by Ultraclean, honestly there should be no concern about the chemicals we use. We only use recent advance cleaning chemicals that are more effective and safer than before.


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