Ultraclean Environmental Services provide the best service when it comes to sofa cleaning services in Delhi. Our prices are affordable, and the sofa cleaning services starts from Rs.1000 onwards. We also provide sofa cleaning packages according to the customers’ requirements, and they are based quarterly, monthly, quarterly, once in six months or yearly – the customers can choose the right package that suits their needs. Give us a call today and book a package to get your sofas cleaned right away!

Every home should have clean sofa sets, and Ultraclean Environmental Services aim to provide sofa cleaning services to every individual household possible, as we believe in in the saying ‘home is where the gods reside’. Currently, we are providing domestic water tank cleaning in and around areas including East DelhiSouth DelhiNoida, Gurgaon and Ghaziabad. We will be expanding to other areas as well in order to reach every house to clean their sofas.

Be it leather sofas, cushions or vintage sofas with wood finishes, we the Ultraclean Environmental Service family do not compromise when it comes to catering sofa cleaning services to our customers. Our expert sofa cleaning team ensures to clean the furniture with their comprehensive method of cleaning. We follow certain steps to clean the sofas based on the material and we use state-of-the-art facilities to standard technology to clean the sofas.

The team of Ultraclean Environmental Services are well-trained to clean different type of sofas and whatever condition that they are in. Here is list of different types of sofas that we are specialised in cleaning, some of them are: polyester, olefin nylon and acrylic, synthetic fibres and wooden sofas that are a vintage. All the sofa materials and types mentioned above are cleaned using what suits them best and with extra care.